From Wedding Gowns to Dress Pants Suzanne's Has You Covered.

Alterations and fittings are done on site by our professional seamstress.
Alterations are done on all types of formal wear and clothing including jackets, slacks, and other everyday clothing.

We do alter gowns bought at other stores. Appointments are required for alterations.

We do accept last minute alterations. A rush charge of up to $20 may be charged for items needed that week.

Alteration Appointment

Cleaning and Preserving

Wedding gown preservation kits are available for purchase at Suzanne's  Bridals. These kits make a great gift and are a simple and safe way to preserve and clean your gown.

How it works:
-Come into the store with your dress and accessories and purchase a kit.

-We then package up your dress and any accessories you'd like preserved and send them out to the company.

-The Preservation Company then cleans and preserves your gown paying close attention to any stained areas.

-After that they place your dress in the proper packaging and place it in the box.

-Once the dress is packaged properly the company sends the dress back to us or yourself. Whichever you prefer.

The Preservation Company is a safe and professional company that we recommend for cleaning your gown.